Spotlight on key features:

  1. Facial recognition, LPR, object tracking, demographics, queue time and dwell time
  2. Seamless large scale, multi-site deployments
  3. Integrates with access control, ATMs and POS


At AFN, 3VR is revolutionary in video intelligence, and AFN has the distinguished privilege of being the only company in Australia and the Asia-Pacific to supply 3VR products.


AFN offers 3VR to customers in need of not only high-quality surveillance for asset protection and crime prevention but business solutions to drive business growth through customer traffic video analysis, such as: People Counting, Facial Recognition, Dwell Time Analysis, Queue Analysis, Licence Plate Recognition and Advanced Object Tracking. Retailers, banks, schools and transport & critical infrastructure benefit heavily from the sophisticated 3VR Video Intelligence Platform.




  • Optimise customer service, staffing and other operations with valuable intelligence from your existing video surveillance infrastructure
  • Increase ROI using insights from your existing infrastructure to drive marketing, promotions and merchandising decisions
  • Obtain a deeper understanding by combining video with data from POS, ATM and business systems
  • Proactively recognize threats, based on triggers using facial recognition software, innovative advanced object tracking facilities, and licence plate recognition
  • Protect against rising total cost of ownership with video analytics that are easy to download and install [no additional hardware is needed] and provide results immediately by running in real time for actionable intelligence
  • VIP Analytics can be easily downloaded and activated with licence keys to run on your 3VR VIP System
  • VIP Analytics work with all supported camera types: IP, analog, and megapixel cameras
  • All 3VR VIP Analytics run in real time and are incorporated with data and search, meaning no separate hardware is required and results are immediately available
  • 3VR’s SmartStorageTM reduces the cost of storing years of video evidence

Our ground-breaking Facial Surveillance technology assists security personnel capture, file and sequence faces alongside any motion or video data associated with them.
This technology allows you to optimize efficiency of investigations, and produces valuable data to assist submission of strong cases to law enforcement. With this software, search is powerful and case management capabilities are incomparable.

Organizations can monitor customer lines at registers, door entry points, or return counters, and gather comparative metrics for different times of day at different locations.
Video Analytics Queue Line Easily configure the system to alert and capture queue line lengths based on a minimum threshold, time of day, or marketing event.
Intuitive reports generated by the system helps you better understand peak activity by time and location for more accurate staffing and resource planning.


AFN’s 3VR object tracking analytic is equipped to provide data concerning key signatures including motion, direction, speed, color and size, and allows you to access instant and immediate video content. Security personnel have access to data such as vehicle colour and travel direction, enabling them to build immediate, comprehensive and accurate cases for law enforcement.

Measure the performance of marketing displays with revolutionary insight into customer behavior as they interact with promotions. For an even more powerful video intelligence platform, integrate the Dwell Time analytic with your Point-of-Sale data to evaluate the success of campaigns.


3VR’s License Plate Recognition analytic provides powerful tools that stop crime and reduce vehicle-related liability. Combined with 3VR Search, even partial license plates can easily be located and tracked.
Improve general surveillance by cataloging license plate information for parking lots, drive-up windows and entry gates to allow security teams to search quickly and find evidence on a person or suspicious activity.
The 3VR video surveillance platform comes with a standard version of license plate recognition; a premium version is available as an add-on feature.

3VR’s pioneering demographics component means end-users can achieve more than just customer-counting. No matter what your industry, this analytic will help gain an understanding of customer behavior based on age and gender, and generating more informed decisions accordingly. 3VR’s demographics software acts as a powerful business intelligence tool, enabling you to compare reports against POS transactions and understand foot traffic conversion to sales.

3VR’s Video Intelligence Platform™ (VIP) features the industry’s most advanced, comprehensive range of analytics, allowing customers to capture, index, catalog and search faces, licence plates, objects, colours, motion and more.

The 3VR Data Integration Platform is an open system that allows video surveillance data to be correlated against data from a broad range of critical security and business systems, including transaction, POS, intrusion, access control, ATM, teller line, or virtually any other system.


3VR’s hybrid and networked video recorders are scalable enterprise powerhouses with a proven ability to excel in any technology environment. 3VR’s HVRs and NVRs record, store, index and manage video, and run 3VR search and video analytics, integration tools and powerful applications.


Learn how the 3VR VMS, which features an easy-to use and powerful user interface, helps you solve crime faster, resolve IT headaches and gain business intelligence. Bundled with our range of hybrid and network video recorders, or as a standalone software for your best-in-class IT servers.

  • Retail
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Financial Services