AFN Solutions integrates the latest technologies to deliver bespoke solutions for your business

AFN helps businesses protect what is important to them, whilst also driving greater operational efficiency and improved customer experience.

Since the acquisition by Telstra in 2014, AFN has the scope to provide customised solutions for any business, regardless of industry or budget, with outstanding customer service and technical support.



We believe in integration, convergence and efficiency built into bespoke solutions.

As businesses and communities are asked to future-proof for next generations, AFN is leading the convergence of existing and emerging divergent technologies to power future smart cities and communities.

With offices in NSW, Queensland, Victoria & South Australia, AFN is your best partner to complete custom-tailored security solutions, video management solutions or emergent technologies for smart cities improving overall security, safety and site performance across the municipalities.

We are a one-stop provider for all intelligent monitoring needs – design, acquisition, implementation and 24/7 support.

From the Managing Director to our technicians, AFN strives to keep a single core belief that no request is too hard and with the team of creative minds AFN possesses, we can design the solution to solve any problem.





At AFN Solutions, we are very passionate about preserving the environment and we believe it is our responsibility to find ways to do this. Whether it’s as simple as smart access systems, finding new ways for businesses to interact or something more advanced like taking your business off the grid with a combination of environmentally-friendly solutions.




We are technology driven and we always have been.

From humble beginnings to this very day, our history has always been inspired by technology.

In 1997, Darren (Daz) Ruger left the military with a degree in Electronic Engineering and a passion for technology. His military experience steered him into the security industry and he soon started AFN Solutions.

AFN Solutions was founded as a security technology solutions company in an era when security technology was largely unaffordable, cumbersome to use, provided little in the way of useable data and generally unrecognised as a business tool.

AFN sought to find ways to solve these problems by partnering with international companies to establish better ways for end users to access the technology. In taking on this journey, AFN discovered a hardware manufacturing sector who was keeping their customers “sheltered” about what was really possible and weren’t bringing the best technology to market.

In terms of video, AFN wanted to bring IP and Megapixel surveillance to the mainstream in Australia but continually found road blocks put up by rep firms based locally (generally due to a lack of understanding of IP and also because of these rep firms built their entire businesses on analogue technology). AFN partnered with US companies to bring the technology to market and lead the charge with Megapixel and IP.

Our next objective was to make the video tell a story instead of just being stored in “hi-definition” video. And so the journey of video analytics began. Partnering with 3VR and then later Prism, AFN was able to bring forth a new era of useable video to customers where the analytics told the story of what happens with the surveyed environment.



AFN Solutions at its 20th anniversary celebratory dinner in the Hunter Valley.


The company gradually evolved from having security guards at the core of its’ business becoming a security integrator deploying analogue CCTV systems and a variety of standard security offerings.

Daz’s passion for technology saw him become a largely self-taught expert in a number of fields, but his capability in video analytics was something else and this was identified in the mid-2000’s when he was drafted to work with a team to develop video analytics for the US Government.

The desire to solve problems with technology has since led Daz and AFN to develop expertise in other disciplines such as environmental technologies, Wi-Fi, beacon and point-of-sale.

The integration of a wide variety of technologies into a single dashboard is often at the core of AFN’s most complex solutions, and there are few companies anywhere in the world who can do it better. Over the years, AFN Solutions has evolved from being a high-end security integrator

Over the years, AFN Solutions has evolved from being a high-end security integrator specialising in CCTV, to an organisation now at the cutting edge of video analytics and smart cities solutions globally.

AFN’s position as a market leader was recognised in late 2014 when Telstra acquired a controlling share in the business. With the support of Telstra’s vast resources, AFN is forecasting exponential growth both locally and across the globe.

Now, over 20 years after we began, AFN is a market-leader in providing smart solutions powering the fast-growing smart cities sector. Deploying latest technologies from smart parking through licence plate recognition to smart lighting AFN is always striving to deliver value as well as expertise.

What can we say? We are always on the lookout for new ways of converging existing and emerging technologies.




We believe that by deploying smart solutions we will help communities and businesses to become more efficient and effective in the years to come.

And we know just how to do it.


AFN is proud to be an ASIAL Silver Member and an Australian Smart Communities Association Member.



Sponsorship plays a valuable role in AFN’s core values and we believe in supporting our community.
AFN Solutions is actively involved in various partnerships, which include:

At the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club – a yacht racing and sailing
club based on Pittwater – we are an active member of
the junior sailing programme.

As of 2017, AFN sponsors an Australian Foundation for
Fostering Learning in the Philippines (AFFLIP), which provides
educational support to 15 elementary schools in the Philippines.

Proud sponsor of Manly Warringah Volleyball Association (MWVA)
Junior and Adult program training for Australian, State
and Beach Championships