Who is AFN Solutions?

AFN Solutions was founded as a security technology solutions company in 1997 in an era when security technology was largely unaffordable, cumbersome to use, provided little in the way of useable data and generally unrecognised as a business tool.

AFN sought to find ways to solve these problems by partnering with international companies to establish better ways for end users to access the technology. In taking on this journey, AFN discovered a hardware manufacturing sector who was keeping their customers “sheltered” about what was really possible and weren’t bringing the best technology to market.

In terms of video, AFN wanted to bring IP and Megapixel surveillance to the mainstream in Australia but continually found road blocks put up by rep firms based locally (generally due to a lack of understanding of IP and also because these rep firms built their entire businesses on analogue technology). AFN partnered with US companies to bring the technology to market and lead the charge with Megapixel and IP.

Our next objective was to make the video tell a story instead of just being stored “Hi Definition” video, and so the journey of video analytics begins. Partnering with 3VR and then later Prism, AFN was able to bring forth a new era of useable video to customers where the analytics told the story of what happens with the surveyed environment.

AFN has built the business around a deep seeded passion for technological innovation and always wanting to provide customers with the answer to the question, no matter what that question is.

From the Managing Director to our most junior technician, AFN strives to keep a single core belief that no request is too hard and with the team of creative minds AFN possess we create the solution.

AFN is certainly not for everyone, we only employ people who truly love the road we are on and look for ways to make the journey more exciting by bringing new thoughts to the table that the company can build on.

At AFN, we all drink the kool-aid of technological advancement and customer relationship excellence and it tastes great!

AFN is proud to be an ASIAL Silver Member

and an Australian Smart Communities Association Member


Why Choose Us?

At AFN Solutions we are very passionate about preserving the environment and believe it is all of our duties to find ways to do this, whether it’s as simple as recycling, or something more advanced like taking your home off the grid with a combination of solar and wind technology. With new and more cost effective energy storage solutions, AFN are here to help.

UNSW School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering made a great statement, “The sun and the wind has been ready for 4 billion years. Now we are too”. And they are right! We are in an exciting time of change where certainly people living in the first world understand that we need to do something meaningful in order to have something beautiful and lasting for future generations.


Sponsorship plays a valuable role in AFN’s core values and we believe in supporting our community.
AFN Solutions is actively involved in various partnerships, which include:

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