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AFN Solutions Announcing Membership with ASCA January 31, 2017

With another year well under way, a number of interesting new developments and initiatives for 2017 will not only shape AFN’s future, but the future for all of us.

There are some very exciting technology developments that will likely have a positive impact on our day to day lives. Solar power is becoming more affordable and 5G is just around the corner. More importantly, communities and businesses are starting to think smart about futureproofing for generations to come.

Australian ‘Smart Cities and Suburbs’ Program

To help do this, the Australian Government last year launched a $50 million Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. This initiative aims to ‘support projects that apply innovative technology-based approaches to improve the liveability of cities and their suburbs’.  Globally, the smart cities market is reportedly predicted to reach a phenomenal USD $3.5 trillion by 2026. That is an unprecedented increase from a modest estimate of USD $386 billion in 2014.

Now it’s our turn to be smart!

In 2017, AFN Solutions is striving to launch a truly smart community that will also mitigate various security risks along the way. This will be achieved by integrating a variety of new and existing technologies found in communities and businesses, such as smart lighting, parking assist, video management, smart IP surveillance, automatic watering and wireless alarms for public safety. AFN is helping communities and businesses to become smarter and safer for the years to come.

To help achieve this AFN is proud to announce their membership with the Australian Smart Communities Association (ASCA).

The ASCA works with communities on how they can build liveable, workable and sustainable smart cities, an outcome which is perfectly aligned with AFN’s capabilities.

AFN looks forward to working closely with ASCA and we are excited to be attending the Australian Smart Communities Conference in May. Be sure to meet us there.



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