Bringing real-time operational insight with smart vision April 18, 2017

At Telstra Vantage™ South Australia in Adelaide last week, AFN Solutions were discussing how innovations provide intelligent and more adaptive insights into the everyday operations of our businesses. With presentations from some of today’s most insightful thinkers, speakers and industry experts, Telstra VantageTM South Australia was the perfect platform to present some of our latest security solutions featuring multi-factor authentication technologies that hold the answers to some of the most pressing business challenges.

Improved public safety and security. Remote patient monitoring in and out of hospitals. Efficient manufacturing processes. Minimised travel and operating costs. And much, much more.

Increasingly, these tasks are becoming simpler thanks to a larger penetration of smartwear and predictive analytics technologies that we showcased at the event. One of the products we focused on was the PivotheadTM smart wearable camera glasses. Combining with the latest identity and facial recognition technology from Corvus, as well as advanced video management systems from NX Witness they demonstrate how smartwear can be incorporated into everyday business operations.

The applications of smart-wear are endless as stated by AFN’s CEO, Darren Ruger, for Chanel 7 News Adelaide.

7 News | Tech Toys

Glasses that can alert police to a crook or help repair a plane – just one of the hi-tech inventions on show in Adelaide. Download the 7 News app: #7News

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This wearable technology has a myriad of use cases. From repairing the latest machinery in a remote location without having to fly an experienced engineer to site or first line emergency services treating an injury with the receiving doctor able to live stream the vision on a tablet and provide real-time instruction while on route to hospital.

Although it seems these are mere little boys’ toys at the moment, these gadgets will soon combine forces to provide impressive health, wellness, safety or defence solutions. According to the Smart Technology and Living Special Report, smart wearables are rapidly rising, as you can see in this infographic.



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