At AFN Solutions we are very passionate about preserving the environment and believe it is all of our duties to find ways to do this, whether it’s as simple as recycling, or something more advanced like taking your home off the grid with a combination of solar and wind technology. With new and more cost effective energy storage solutions, AFN are here to help.

UNSW School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering made a great statement, “The sun and the wind has been ready for 4 billion years. Now we are too”. And they are right! We are in an exciting time of change where certainly people living in the first world understand that we need to do something meaningful in order to have something beautiful and lasting for future generations.

Wind power

AFN has been involved for some years now in the development of technology for wind power, particularly in “vertical axis wind turbines”, one of the great benefits of this technology is the lower amounts of wind required to generate power (as low as 1m/second).

Solar power

AFN has had some great success with deploying technology to customers where they have not been able to get power, we have chosen Solar. The newer solar panel technologies are providing far greater efficiency than ever before but there is more to come and what is better, it is being developed right here in Australia!

Energy Storage

The glue that brings it all together!

For years storage has been the stumbling point for “getting off the grid” with the question being “how do I store the energy I don’t use?” People who are currently selling solar back to the grid probably don’t realize that the energy the grid does not need is simply “bled off” to the ground!
Why do this when you can store and use ALL of your captured sun or wind energy? At AFN we are currently working with lithium Ion Phosphate (LiPo4) storage technology which is more effective than lead acid storage in every respect, exponentially lighter, faster charge times, less heat considerations, far less cells required to do the same job and far longer life cycle!


Say what? Call us crazy but why wouldn’t we be interested in sustainability to this level? Let’s think about it… Is there anything better than food you have grown yourself?

Aquaponics is the integration of plants and fish in the same environment. An aquaponics system uses the water from the fish tank to circulate through a grow bed where the plants are grown.

Nitrifying bacteria converts fish wastes into plant available nutrients. The plants use these nutrients as their main nutrient supply. The fish also benefit by this process, as the water is filtered by the plants, providing the fish with clean water to live in.

– A tank of water full of baby fish (fingerlings)
– A bed of substrate sitting above the tank (acting as a filtration system) for planting the fruit and veg
– A water pumping system powered by the wind and sun you have captured
– A little bit of hard work for a massive return

Ok, so this all makes it sound like a very simple solution, but to what end do you want to take your support of our planet? AFN are as we speak setting up experimental Aquaponics to develop white papers around community wide sustainable food source projects so look out for updates!

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