Intelligent identity and facial recognition solutions transforming the way we shop March 8, 2017

You may have caught the buzz on our social media surrounding Telstra’s Retail Innovation Summit held on the 21st  of February in Telstra’s Customer Insight Centre (CIC) in Sydney.

This annual event is targeted at the retail community with visitors from Australia Post, Woolworths, 7 Eleven and Myer to name a few. Smart innovation in retail is becoming critical as digital disruptions transform the industry, virtual competition is a constant threat and consumers are more empowered and enabled.

For AFN, the summit was an amazing showcase of successes in the latest identity and facial recognition technology , which was paired with intelligent video analytics solutions.


Latest Identity and Facial Recognition Technology Live in Action

We were really proud to carry out live demonstrations of state-of-the-art identity-centric solutions developed by Corvus in the US, enabling retail businesses to proactively gain real-time customer insights

Our team of facial matching experts presented the latest advances in Corvus video camera technology aligned with intelligent analytics software to show how it can improve customer value, shopping experience and most importantly boost business productivity and efficiency.

The solutions AFN had the privilege of demonstrating, showed how these smart technologies enable businesses not only to see where to prioritise but also how to gain the ability to recognise and engage with new and repeat customers or to streamline their shopping experience.

According to Charles Clapham, who presented AFN on the floor “the Retail Innovation Summit was a well-executed event and great platform to network and talk about Facial Recognition Technology. Throughout the day our discussions centred around the possible applications for a Facial Recognition solution in the front and back of house scenarios and the value in being able to measure real-time data using Smart Retail Analytics software”.

Additionally, the agenda was packed with interesting keynote speeches covering the challenges in retail innovation as well as ideas on how to rethink the business for the digital age. Behind the scenes tours offered a sneak peek into offsite eBay operations and a virtual tour of Microsoft Retail Mall in Seattle.


So what?

What the latest intelligent video analytics for smart retail prove is that retailers can gain invaluable real-time insights that help to analyse behavioural insights (i.e. dwell time, people counting on traffic and queue management), predictions for peak customer traffic or inventory management and as a result optimise efficiently staff management, goods intake and PoS.

All in all, the event was a great success, proving that facial and identity recognition analytics solutions from AFN are the smartest solutions that simplify business operations helping retailers and venues differentiate themselves in the market and be smart in the years to come.

Read more about smart retail analytics solutions from AFN to see how we can tailor it to suit your business needs.


If you missed out on this event but are interested to discover the benefits and determine the right video analytics solutions for you and your business, just contact one of our specialists.

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