Transforming video surveillance to provide real-time benefits from biometric identification

AFN Solutions offer complete integration and customisation of the latest facial and identity recognition technology software from leading global vendors to deliver valuable insights about your business and customers.

Designed to initially support facial recognition from up to 12m coupled with retina scanning, gait and biomass detection, AFN Solutions can help provide improved customer experience, enhanced store operations or proactive loss prevention.

Our technology can capture any customer moving through the capture zone providing a better understanding of customer movement, behaviour and interaction with products and displays.


Facial recognition technology helps to recognise and engage repeat customers. This ability offers improved analysis, optimisation and predictions for spending habits or personalised marketing strategies through smart signage.

Real-time customer insights provide instant understanding of customer interaction with products and displays, as well as for example proactively recognise threats.


Identity and facial recognition coupled with intelligent visual surveillance and analytics allow you to measure onsite activity in the following key areas:

Identity Recognition: Find persons of interest faster when investigating cases of fraud and robbery

Identity Matching: More effective asset protection by identifying known suspects to in-store staff

Heatmapping: Understand the traffic flow of your customers and gaining valuable path-to-purchase data

Shopping Time: View the average shopping time of your customer base

Queue Management: Measure queue lengths at the register for more accurate staffing

In-Store Traffic: Measure the number of customers who enter your stores

Conversion Rates: Measure sales conversions based on shopper traffic and revenue

Demographics: Measure shopper traffic percentage by age and gender

License Plate Recognition:  Tailored to the Australian market; this technology allows you to capture licence plate information for all vehicles visiting a site and receive alerts for known vehicles; understand vehicle movements throughout compound or car park

Benefits of identity management solutions:


The many benefits of smart video analytics for retail include but are not limited to:

– fast and simple insights into the peak periods of the venue, conveniently broken down by area.

– Venues can use this information to forecast more accurate and effective staff rosters, ensuring adequate staffing levels when the business needs it most.

– Understand customers and the customer experience from the moment they enter the venue with the help of Customer Pathmaps.

– Ability to modify the layout of your venue to attract customers to underutilised areas.

– Heat mapping assists in the enhanced identification of the most, and least, popular areas and departments of the venue as well as identifying new areas for revenue generation.

– Integrated access control with learning systems for web-based automated induction

– personalised smart signage reacting to passersby and much more


To discover other benefits and to determine the right identity management solutions, please call us on 1300 303 876 or use the online enquiry form.