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Make your surveillance system work for you in more ways than one with sophisticated retail store and centre video analytics from AFN. Many businesses recognise the importance of investing in a smart surveillance system but very few of those businesses fully capitalise on the potential that this technology offers. Partnering with the revolutionary Prism brand, AFN is proud to offer sophisticated video analytics solutions for our clients in east coast cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


Retail store video analytics systems that are nothing short of visionary

PRISM 2 Brighter Vision. Bigger Insight.

Prism is a unique cloud-based software that condenses customer movement and interaction into visual reports so businesses can better understand and optimise offline commerce.


  • People Counting
  • Pathmaps
  • Heatmaps
  • Crowd Sizing
  • Time Card
  • Privacy Protection

The Prism Skylabs™ App allows retailers to view real-time image streams of their stores, or switch to view multi location sites to gain analysis and to understand long-term trends, asses product lifts, customer dwell time patterns, behaviours and movements with uses of heat mapping technology and people counting. This retail store analytics software enables businesses and retailers to zoom, tap and swipe their way around aisle, shelf displays or stores during any event or time period using a smartphone or tablet. This is shown through mapped visualisations that can be easily understood by any employee.

These are only some of the many features the Prism Skylabs™ App offers Australian retailers, and in short this video analytics software provides a comprehensive understanding of your business.

The new edition to AFN’s product suite brings a sigh of relief to Australian retailers. Businesses owners are able to keep their existing CCTV or security surveillance systems and link up the Prism Skylabs™ App without additional hardware costs. This now opens up opportunities to smaller sized retailers to gain quick, on the go insights as large multi-location and national organisations now can, without the need for a new a surveillance system.

Easy remote access to mobile devices, any network, and anywhere, giving tools which are needed to be successful in today’s increasing digital world, all while on the go.


an example of a retail layout we perform work in

Prism Skylabs allows visual merchandising to be conducted remotely, in real-time, and across any number of locations around the globe. With Prism, you can quickly jump from store to store on your phone, laptop, or tablet. Or zoom in to stunning, images of any aisle, shelf, or display. Couple that with powerful analytics and easy-to-understand summaries of store activity, and you’ve got the most powerful visual merchandising tool ever created.

  • Global Visibility – See any product, display, or promotion in real time
  • Anytime Access – Conduct weekly, daily, or even minute-by-minute visual audits
  • Immediate Answers – Quickly identify which displays, designs, and product pairings increase customer engagement
  • Unprecedented Insight – Understand how customers move through stores and interact with products
  • Easy A/B Testing – Optimize store designs, displays, signage, and promotions to maximize sales.


an image of our CRM reporting

There’s no more comprehensive way to manage hundreds or even thousands of stores around the globe. Measure conversion, optimize staffing, and understand long-term trends with robust, on-demand reports. Uncover hidden insights with easy-to-understand visual summaries of store activity. And reduce operating costs with remote store visits and streamlined employee communications.

  • Improve Operations: Monitor store opening times, cleanliness, and brand compliance.
  • Measure Conversion – Count how many customers visit any store, department, or even display.
  • Optimize Staffing – Identify exactly when and where your stores are the busiest or least occupied.
  • Verify Execution – Validate that prices are accurate, shelves are stocked, and promotions are in place.
  • Reduce Costs – Remotely audit any store for a fraction of the cost of an on-site visit.
  • Connect Employees – Share visual access and key insights across departments and throughout the enterprise.


our heatmapping software in use

Prism Skylabs enables you to deliver a consistent, on-brand customer experience across any number of stores. Get unprecedented control of your brand with real-time visual access to stores and products, and powerful customer visual summaries of customer activity. Measure the effect of online promotions on in-store foot traffic, understand how new signage and displays affect the customer experience, and validate the execution of new product rollouts.

  • Brand Management – See real-time images of your brand in any environment — from flagship store to pop-up shop.
  • Global Compliance – Audit any store, display, or promotion at any time.
  • Customer Insight – Understand customer movement, product interaction, and crowd size
  • Effective Promotions – Optimize in-store signage and displays to increase foot traffic and customer engagement

See how AFN Solutions offer complete integration and customisation of the latest facial and identity recognition technology software from a number of global vendors to deliver valuable real-time insights about your business and customers.

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