Warehouses and distribution centres have always been a potential target for thefts and burglaries. Companies lose millions of dollars annually through shrinkage, and while external threats account for a good percentage of these losses, internal factors also contribute significantly to the overall damage. Our security guard solutions can help you achieve your security needs and make your facility theft and accident free.

Security guardThe two most concerning risks to consider when a company is seeking security at a warehouse or logistics centre involving the loading and unloading of goods are the destruction of the property/vandalism, and property theft.

AFN Solutions understands that no two facilities are the same and our security experts are trained to determine the correct combination of physical guards and electronic security infrastructure to ensure that your security solution best meets your business requirements.

All AFN Guards are assessed for attitude and complete a specialised in-house guard assessment before qualifying to provide security services to our clients. Guards sign, as having read and understood, not only AFN Solutions’ Guarding Policies, Duties and Procedures but the clients’ specific Duties and Responsibilities relevant to their position.
AFN Solutions can provide permanent or casual guards 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Transport truckOur guarding services include:

    • Full risk assessment review prior to the deployment of your security solution
    • Customer services
    • Building Maintenance Systems (BMS) Management
    • Site patrols and gate duties
    • CCTV Monitoring
    • Alarm Monitoring
    • Construction site security
    • Concierge duties
    • Freight auditing
    • Email our friendly team to find out more about our guards services or to get a tailored quote to protect your business.

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