Smart City Solutions

Empowering prosperous and sustainable smart communities and cities to realise their full potential

Australian Government initiatives and a rapidly growing urban population are major driving factors for smart city projects that provide us with significant growth opportunities.

The fast spread and increasing affordability of sensors generate massive amounts of data providing a real-time view of numerous and increasingly varied intelligence. Coupled with a decreasing cost of deployment and advancement in emergent technologies has enabled for the smart cities initiative to become reality.

AFN Solutions innovative expertise ensures that the deployment of a large number of smart grid multiple sensors can provide two-way data traffic to/from a single platform. Thus creating expansive horizontal solutions, while also providing a unique understanding of the monitored area.

The successful implementation of smart city projects heavily depends on the technology used. This may include data communications, cloud, mobility and sensors, which all come together to from the IoT ecosystem. The theory behind IoT is not new, with many claiming it provides solutions that include connectivity and open source platforms waiting for integration.

These technologies give businesses and people information like never before. Unprecedented developments in these areas, in recent years, have enabled better connectivity resulting in improved operational efficiency, asset utilisation and enhanced customer experience.

IoT and big data drives the smart city ecosystem, and must be secure in order to safely advance the progress of smart cities and communities across Australian municipalities.


AFN Solutions is at the forefront of the convergence between smart cities, and physical and cyber security in order to provide a secure end-to-end solution.

New technologies, IoT and Machine to Machine (M2M) is where connectivity merges with cloud-computing and big data.

The connectivity of sensors and the data they generate gives an exact overview of real-time measurements, comprehensive data analysis, followed up through efficient daily management. These cutting-edge insights help a city to stay informed, and be more efficient, cost effective and safe. 

AFN specialises in bringing together a raft of sensors and disparate systems to allow a single view of your smart city or community.


Helping to face the challenges of aspiring smart communities and cities across Australia

With more and more municipalities jumping on board of the smart urban strategy, AFN Solutions is able to assist in meeting a myriad of challenges:


1. Transitioning local businesses from traditional sale of assets and labour to high-tech, knowledge-based services. This requires all levels of government to provide the right environment for investment, collaboration and growth

2. Stimulating the local economy with the creation of long-term, sustainable jobs utilising the unique skills within the community

3. Minimising the cost of providing assets and services to members of the community


Smart City Solutions we offer:


– Intelligent Video Management Solutions

– Video Analytics and Content Management Solutions

–  WiFi Connectivity

– Car Parking and Traffic Management Solutions

– Smart Lighting Systems Solutions

– Waste Management Solutions




To discover what Smart City solutions AFN Solutions can customise for your business, please call us on 1300 303 876 or use the online enquiry form.