The technology arm of AFN Solutions is driven by the our Managing Director, to get AFN to where it is now has been a journey achieved through his passion for creating and evolving.

“The advancement of everything will be through technology”.

We are technology driven

In 1997, Darren (Daz) Ruger left the military with a degree in Electronic Engineering and a passion for technology. His military experience steered him into the security industry and he soon started AFN Solutions. The company gradually evolved from having security guards at the core of its’ business becoming a security integrator deploying analogue CCTV systems and a variety of standard security offerings.

Daz’s passion for technology saw him become a largely self-taught expert in a number of fields, but his capability in video analytics was something else and this was identified in the mid-2000’s when he was drafted in to work with a team to develop video analytics for the US Government. Daz is now recognised as a global leader in this technology.

The desire to solve problems with technology has since led Daz and AFN to develop expertise in other disciplines such as solar power, Wi-Fi, beacon and point of sale. The integration of a wide variety of technologies into a single dashboard is often at the core of AFN’s most complex solutions, and there are few companies anywhere in the world who can do it better.

Working with the worlds best!

Since our inception in 1998 as an integrator of a standard range of security offerings, AFN Solutions has evolved into a cutting-edge technology solutions provider with a level of expertise that has left traditional security offerings in its’ wake.

In the mid-2000’s, our founder, Darren Ruger, was an integral part of a team that developed video analytics for the US Government and key security departments. At the time this technology was so expensive that only the US Government could afford it. However, over the last few years the technology has been commercialised to the point where it is now accessible for commercial markets. Facial recognition, age & gender demographics, object tracking, heat mapping, path mapping – these video analytics are now being used in real world applications to reduce loss, enhance customer experience and deliver measurable returns on investment.

AFN Solutions is now at the forefront of a revolution in the commercial application of video analytics and the integration of this platform with POS, Wi-Fi, Access Control and more to deliver cutting-edge solutions for your business.

Tomorrow's Solutions. Today.