Workplace Safety

It’s now more important than ever that businesses and organisations are protected against workplace safety issues to avoid illegitimate claims being made against them. Over the past few years the number of workplace or public safety insurance claims that have been made against businesses have increased drastically.

Having the correct cameras and surveillance in place will deter individuals from making such claims and certainly provide evidence to prove their cases as valid or void.

AFN has installed cameras targeting a number of WH&S issues particularly in large commercial and retail environments where “slip and falls” have been huge financial “pain points” for the customers. We have seen in a number of these installs where the hi-resolution of the camera coupled with the field and depth of view has shown a number of claims to be fraudulent – resulting in a direct ROI for the customer.

At AFN we pride ourselves on work safety. All of our technicians are trained in work place safety, certified in the use of EWPs and Working at Height and compliant to every customer’s site specific requirements.

How can our safety solutions help your business? Our cameras can be set up to best monitor your specific business needs and alert you via email or text when it picks up irregular activity at any given site.

Examples of how some of our customers are benefiting from our safety solutions:

– Colour Compliance – identifies when employees in an industrial environment aren’t wearing the correct colour safety vests or using the correct safety equipment
– Hazardous work environments – detected before an accident occurs
– Alerts -when employees enter restricted areas
– Process flow management – forklifts, detection areas -detecting adherence to rules
– Historical reviews -cameras can store footage for up to 6 months allowing investigations to be carried out months after the incident has occurred

SNetworld and Cm3 compliant

AFN Solutions is ISNetworld and Cm3 compliant in both Australia and Internationally.

ISNetworld Prequalification
Number 400205519

Cm3 Prequalification
Number 002036

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