Spotlight on key features:

  1. Global Industry leader in open platform IP video management software
  2. Over 100,000 installations worldwide
  3. Large number of integration partners


Milestone Systems provides open platform IP video management software along with XProtect, which is used by more than 100, 000 customers worldwide. XProtect is an open architecture software which is user-friendly, yet extremely powerful. XProtect products benefit from their compatibility with a high number of IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders.

XProtect’s true open platform model gives users the ability to integrate with the best analytics and business solutions available today, and expand the possibility for future innovation.

XProtect is suitable for any degree of business needs, whether it be just a few cameras or several thousand.

Milestone Arcus™ is a video surveillance platform designed to be embedded in hardware devices, enabling you to have customized, market-ready solutions.

With Milestone Arcus we can pre-configure and embed the surveillance platform into hardware devices running Linux, Mac OSX® or Microsoft® Windows® operating systems to quickly produce combined solutions to a market that increasingly demands low-complexity surveillance solutions.

The all-in-one solution is ready-to-use, intuitive, compatible with a flexible choice of supported cameras and available at accessible price point

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