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You have probably heard the phrase Smart City. But what is a Smart city and how can it be beneficial?

A smart city can be a anything from an established metropolis to a rural town, what makes them smart is how they use technology to solve some of the everyday challenges that all cities have.

It is the integration of technology with the built environment to create a city that’s sustainable, a city that’s accessible and most importantly a city that’s liveable.

Here at AFN, we have always been focused on creating a safer place for all our customers and their customers alike. From our humble beginnings as a small Sydney based firm solving our first problems with patrolling guards, we grew with the needs and opportunities of society. Now we are an innovative firm delivering cutting edge technologies to all of our customers nationwide. Our own involvement with smart cities began when we worked with the team at Cairns Regional Council (CRC). When we first began working with CRC it was an exciting moment because we had the opportunity to  translate all that we do to solve real problems for not just a company but for a society. Having worked with CRC and then many others such as City of Darwin we learnt that a City cannot exist without its people. Their Quality of life is the basis for change and Data driven insights are what steer that change, but Economic growth and Sustainability are also key factors that drive this change. These three components build the framework for a Smart City.   

What makes up a Smart City


It's 2020

Do you still think CCTV is just for security? Forgive us here at AFN but CCTV can do so much more and not the George Orwell 1984/Animal Farm more. The biggest benefit of quality CCTV is that it helps a city better plan for its future.


Parking made easy

Smart Parking’s sensor technology is designed to detect the presence of parked vehicles, report overstays to infringement hand-held devices and to provide space availability data to digital guidance signs and smartphone applications. For management on-street or off-street


Brighten you future

Sorry but it’s already proven that lighting can deter crime and anti-social behaviour. So switching to smart LED lights shouldn’t really be a question. Switching to LED can reduce electricity consumption by up to 50%, or you could even go full solar.


Stay connected

Public Wi-Fi has many benefits, whether it’s a welcoming beacon to tourists where you can showcase your cities activities, to gathering insights on your constituents behaviour. Wi-Fi forms the connection between other Smart City Technologies, which means you are always up to date.


Your visual key

The application of sensors is virtually limitless, from Micro-climate sensors, network sensors, to human and vehicle activity sensors. There are always new sensors available that can be integrated seamlessly to keep your city running at its optimum.

Green Energy

Power with renewables

There is no doubt that renewables are the preferred choice for energy. Not only are they becoming increasingly more cost effective the market is demanding a better performance, its all green from here.

Inside a Smart City

A Smart City consists of several branches of specialised equipment that work together as one cohesive unit. Their goal is to solve problems, predict malfunctions and interpret data collected to positively impact all of its inhabitants. The information gathered build’s a foundation of information silos that serve your city’s needs, helping it to run more efficiently. Pressure on councils and governments to provide more services whilst simultaneously reducing the running costs associated that have greatly risen in the last decade. Being able to achieve more for less is only possible with technology. Since the costs of sensors have been reduced it is now possible to generate the massive amounts of data needed to provide a real-time view of a city and that is what makes it Smart.

The Internet of Things (IoT) platform

The IoT Platform is the backbone to a successful Smart City, the platform which is cloud hosted spools all of the necessary information from the physical sensors into relevant data which is then combined and managed to form a unified understanding of the city. It is a visual representation of the data, a key that analogues the code into silos of information that can be utilised.

This is where it gets fun, we can use artificial technology to sort through that information for you. AI is a likelihood and probability conversation, where a machine can cross reference silos of data to provide indicators about what is likely or probable. For instance all the car parks in the main street are full, is there a direct correlation to the waste bins being full and does that have a direct impact on the air quality in the street?

Who have we worked with?

The project at Cairns involved the installation of expansions and upgrades to an existing Video Management System whilst integrating the older technology used on the site. It involved over 350 CCTV camera’s spread over an area of approx 1698 km².  One of our partners for this project was with Solar Bins Australia, a sustainable waste management system, increases both recycling opportunities and air quality, which in turn greatly improves the public perception of your city.

The City of Darwin was among the 32 successful recipients of grant funding from a round two of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program from the Australian Government.

A $10mil project ‘Switching on Darwin’ co-funded by the Northern Territory government is to implement a range of smart technologies to drive business performance in the region; increase operational efficiencies and address the needs of the Darwin community more proactively. So far we have installed 912 new LED lights, 39 new WiFi hot spots, 138 new CCTV Cameras, Smart parking sensors, 24 environmental sensors and multiple Audio systems.

One of our partners for this project was the South Australian based Green Frog Systems, their innovation in solar lighting have lead them to deliver projects worlwide and we can’t wait to work with them again.

Below is a list of just a few councils/cities we have helped Switch on. Providing them with a range of services, from CCTV to smart lighting.

Many regional councils opt to strategically install aspects of a Smart City over an extended period of time. It allows them to approach the Smart City concept more economically.

Light Regional Council -Kapunda (SA)

Flinders Shire Council (QLD)

Douglas Shire Council (QLD)

Rural City of Murray Bridge (SA)

Moreton Bay Regional Council (QLD)

Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council (QLD)