It’s so hard to believe that Telstra Cyber Security Forum was over three weeks ago. We had been looking forward to it for so long and like all good things, it happened very quickly.

It’s an exciting time for AFN as we lead the charge into smart video surveillance convergence. The latest intelligent surveillance solutions, boosted by identity and facial recognition technology, are changing traditional cyber security, helping to protect companies’ tangible and intangible assets. 

According to Cisco AustraliaCybersecurity is beyond serious, it’s a severe problem – already it’s the single largest economic crime category.

Cyber security has historically been all about keeping the internet free from hackers, whilst ensuring the company firewalls, websites and emails are safe. This is fast changing as bots are programmed by hackers to look for any weak points in the network to access. According to Telstra “In today’s cloud-served mobile consumed world, security is not just an IT issue, it is a business priority.” 

Recently published Special Report by the Cyber Security highlights the security risks the internet of things presents. It reveals that 25 per cent of identified enterprise attacks will involve the internet of things by 2020. Meanwhile, only 10 percent of IT security budgets will be spent protecting systems against these attacks.

In response to this growing concern, AFN were presenting their latest security solutions at the Telstra Cyber Security Forum in Melbourne and Sydney.

AFN demonstration of a range of authentication and authorisation technologies and how multi-factor authentication enables new defence model for today’s businesses.

These demonstrations showcased a range of authentication and authorisation technologies and how multi-factor authentication enables new defence models for today’s businesses.

AFN are set to make some revolutionary leaps in the cyber security landscape. By converging traditional with next-generation identity and facial recognition these solutions are confidently protecting not just the business assets and staff, but the customers and partners as well.

Leveraging a number of technologies, we can not only introduce a layered defence strategy but also improve individual layers themselves.

Outfitted with this level of security, companies can by a simple command instantly to:

– Get real-time time attendance and payroll data even from employees on the road
– Holistically manage both physical and network access from a single point e.g. to stop or limit access control in any of their offices, cancel company phone, emails, credit cards & other company assets
– Securely manage and locate personnel and vehicles
– Get access to real-time reporting and alerting e.g. about unauthorised attempts to access
– Protect tangible and intangible company assets

Sadly, you already missed these demonstrations, however, there will be many more to come where you can come and talk to AFN specialists about your needs.

Why not come and see us in July, when we will be showcasing again our intelligent security technologies at the  ASIAL Security Conference in Sydney.

Don’t forget also that Telstra Vantage in Melbourne is fast approaching.

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Australian Smart Communities Association, Adelaide, SA – 29 – 31 May 2017, Adelaide Convention Centre (ACC)

Telstra Vantage, Meblourne, VIC – 20-21 September 2017, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC)

2017 Security Exhibition & Conference, Sydney, NSW – 26-28 July 2017, International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC)