AFN Celebrates 23 Years

For 23 years it has been my privilege to lead AFN and see it become the wonderful company it is today. Apart from my son, Blade, AFN is my proudest achievement and the path that has lead us here has seen us endure many challenges and obstacles as well as having many great times and plenty of laughs.

Great companies are only ever built by great people and I have been so lucky over the years to have been surrounded by plenty of these. I am proud to say that this continues to be the tradition. When I look around me at the folks working with me here, I can only smile and feel an overwhelming sense of pride of the people that share AFN with me. The success of AFN will always be because of your passion and drive to make AFN always better.

To our loyal customers, there is no AFN with out you and we have always been blessed with terrific customers who seem to have always enjoyed hearing about or testing our latest tech offerings, or maybe, just coming on the journey with us. It is the honesty you have always shared with me about your needs that have driven us to continually innovate new solutions to sometimes, age old problems. To you all, I say thank you!

Warm regards

Daz Ruger

Managing Director