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Councils own and maintain vast networks of CCTV for Public Safety. This may include the retrieval of incidence footage, analysis of foot traffic, loitering, or working with the local police to capture vandals and other criminals. CCTV and Public Safety solutions help make residents feel safe to be out at night, and thus makes for a safe and happy town.

Each Council has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. The Federal Government has released a series of funding grants, which local Councils can apply for. These include Safer Communities, and Smart Cities and Suburbs funding. The clear majority of the successful applicants are working with technology companies to design and build safer, environmentally focused, technological and more inclusive cities. From smart LED lights and CCTV surveillance, through to smart parking, public Wi-Fi, environmental sensors and smart city dashboards.

AFN Solutions has worked with many Councils to apply for funding grants, and has been successful in securing those projects. 


  • Large and sometimes harsh environments for Council assets requires custom knowledge and design of CCTV and Public Safety systems
  • Requirement for Councils to provide a safe and friendly environment for residents, without creating a ‘Big Brother’ surveillance culture in the town 
  • Existing and outdated hardware and network can cause issues with footage, lower resolution and can consume a lot of time to fix and maintain 
  • Outdated video management systems that are clumsy and complex to use, making their usefulness non-existent and costly to maintain 
  • Lack of knowledge or strategy about how to engage in Smart City funding applications
  • Insufficient understanding of which mix of technology will achieve the best outcome for the residents 
  • Lack of resources to investigate and build these technology strategies – many Councils have great ideas about what they want to do, but not how to do it


AFN Solutions has been working with local Councils on designing, building and maintaining both large and small-scale surveillance solutions for over 10 years.

We have a range of solutions that can fit the budgetary and operational requirements of any Council, and the specialised knowledge to ensure that it is the right thing for the residents.

AFN and its partners have the specialised knowledge to design and deploy a range of Smart City initiatives, from Smart Lighting and CCTV through to Smart Parking and Environmental Sensors.


AFN has successfully deployed Surveillance and Smart City projects across the country, and we are proud to be working with all our Local Government customers.

These include for example the City of Darwin, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Cairns Regional Council, Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council, Light Regional Council, Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council and more…


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