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The Retail industry is constantly being disrupted on multiple fronts. Primarily by the ever-increasing expectations from consumers. Online stores, click-and-collect, efficient supply chain operations and large marketplaces (Amazon, Ali Baba, etc.) are changing the way retailers need to market their products, offers, and customer service in-store.

Bricks and mortar retailers are becoming more reliant on data-driven decision making, and video analytics is rich source of data for all retailers to gain insights into who is visiting their stores and how their customers are interacting with their brand. 

Retailers are at a high-risk of stock loss, due to the high traffic nature of most stores and the relatively small size of the stock in the store. This can cost retailers millions of dollars per year.


  • High rental costs are demanding retailers to maximise per square-metre revenue
  • Lack of detailed insights into who is visiting stores and what they do when they are there 
  • Relatively low margin industry, where investment in technology is low and requires an ROI  
  • Relatively high cost in labour, where labour management is key to maintaining profitability 
  • High-risk of stock theft


  • People Counting analytics allows retailers to manage staff effectively and utilising this data can show accurate conversion statistics. This gives store managers, regional managers and owners the ability to drill down into a single-store level or regional level and understand the performance of their retail stores. It also allows store managers to effectively manage labour hours, and staff the store according to historic data on foot traffic. 
  • Heat Mapping analytics allows retailers to understand how customers move through a store, where they stand and browse and where the thoroughfares are. This data is particularly useful for Marketing and store managers to more effectively manage where advertising material is placed and how staff interact with customers. 
  • Intelligent Video Management Software (VMS) allows businesses to find, bookmark and export footage of incidents quickly and easily. The right VMS will be the platform for analytics and allow businesses to add and change the applications they use.


AFN Solutions has been working with retailers on these exact challenges for years, and we have seen many different technologies come and go. 

Our approach is to work with our customers on defining their specific challenges and requirements, and then utilising our vendors and partners to build, deploy and maintain that solution to achieve the best outcome for our customer.


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