AFN Solutions CEO reveals secrets of improving operational efficiency

Unique identity solutions can help solve businesses to manage operational risk and improve operational efficiency, according to AFN Solutions’ Managing Director Darren Ruger.

Speaking at the Telstra Vantage 2017 in Melbourne in September, Ruger said that the insights gained from using combined multi-factor technologies that can all but guarantee the ID of a human can prevent a number of serious operational risks. From fraud prevention, long-term brand damage, through workplace compliance, human collateral damage to theft and loss.

Multi-factor authentication, combining retina-facial identification, NFC, face, iris and voice biometrics ID using palm, finger thumb, offer reliable primary and secondary identity tamper-proof validation with basically 100% accuracy.

Such veracity is unparalleled compared to one-factor biometric authentication that is increasingly insufficient as valid ID confirmation.

“It’s all about knowing and understanding your company and the people within it. Multi-factor authentication combines that with convenience.”  Ruger said.

He continued that the MFA technologies are particularly useful in WHS intensive environments, such as mining, military, petrochemical, freight transportation or construction. In many cases, MFA helps in identifying top performing employees, training opportunities in underperforming employees, or for incentivization for employees with highest conversion rates etc.

MFA can, for example, assist in overseeing fatigue management of truck drivers driving long haul when a camera in the cab monitors the blink cycles of the driver and compares the stored real-time data against the engine management system to optimize break frequency.

Ruger concluded with a plea for businesses not to wait for the crisis. “It’s imperative that the businesses and governments proactively see the opportunities to get ahead of this risks to your business. AFN Solutions believes that every smart community and business would benefit from one of the MFA solutions.”